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2002-02-05 19:17:55 (UTC)

New Begining

Well I know I'm kinda late. But happy new year everyone.
I haven't writen in a long time but I guess I'll try to do
it more often. This new year has already been full of
surprises and its only the second month. I broke up with
ben, I just couldn't live that kind of life anymore. I
have been accepted in to the paralegal program at my
college. And this year will be my 21st on this planet.
Over all my life couldn't be better. I do kinda have a
crush on another fur already, I just don't know how to tell
her that I do. Maybe one day soon I'll have th guts.
Humm...soon I will get my new computer so I can do so much

What else can I say? Life is great. I don't think i've
ever been this happy. I so can't wait till spring break,
alot of the paralegal studends are going down to South
Padre Island ((its the place to be if your a college
student in Texas)) I've never been there my self so I look
so forward to going and too see if all the stories are true

Well that's about it, I'll see ya'll later. Be FURRY!!!