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2002-02-05 19:13:41 (UTC)

Whoa. It's been so long

It's been so long, since the last time i wrote, isn't it?
well, n e wayz, i'm back! my trip to Spain, was just
amazing, awesome, you name it! i met my cousins from
Cordoba, and remet my cousins from Malaga. Was just amazing.
Nothing much has happened in my life, y'a know? I came back
from the beach yesterday coz one of my fave cousins had his
wedding there. i'm so happy for him. He was really happy! :)
And today i don't have school.... yay!
Last week i hit my head with a tree at school and my head
started bleeding, pretty nasty. Now the headaches have
become smaller and less powerful. but it still hurts!
I've been through so much lately. I dont even know where to
start!... I've had a few talks about my feelings lately.
how i feel about my situations. etc. etc etc
sorry, i write so little even thought i haven't written in
such a long time!