The Other Diary
2002-02-05 18:48:47 (UTC)

No sleep.

So my cat slept with me last night. He made it his night
long goal to take control of my bed. Like we were
playing a war game or something. He kept slowly
making his way to the middle. Very very subtly. At first I
had control, I was laying face up on the bed with my
sheets all around me. I wake up a few minutes later
and my sheets are wrapped around the cat, one of my
legs is dangling off the side of the bed and my arm if
pratically numb with exposure to the freezing cold night.
Rolo, stretched comfortably out across my bed, is
making random cute purring noises. Cute purring
noises! How dare he! He now has absolute control of
my bed. He's too cute to move, yet taking up too much
space for me to be comfy enough again to fall asleep.
So what did I do you ask?
Well I wouldn't say I slept last night