times are a changing
2002-02-05 18:01:41 (UTC)

something but nothing at Šll

i know that i shouldnt worry...
but i do
people wround me just dont seem happy any more
and it makes me think
what i have done wrong, how can i cheer them up, i want to
help them
i ask whats wrong and they say they are fine
but its there lurking in their eyes that they are not
i can tell
and i dont appreciate being lied to
i want my friends to be happy
i want everyone to be happy
and then maybe i can be happy as well

clare has been good to me of late- as she always is- and im
finally getting to grips with the idea that she should be
allowed to go out and see her friends without me in tow-
but im still not too sure.

earthtone9 dates have been announced and left me feeling
down as they seem to have avioded any where within a 200
mile radius of me...but london is looking likely.
i hope they dont split up, but as long as they enjoy
themselves i wouldnt begrudge them if they did.

my bands are going Okish
enertia rush stilll hasnt taken much form yet
still looking for a decent guitarist- to go with our bass,
drums and me- we want to play soooo badly

seem to have patched things up a ilttle with tom so things
may be getting better, got the offer of a few more gigs
which will be good- but i dont know whether things are ok
or not
we will have to see.