The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-05 17:51:10 (UTC)

Thats IT, Im dropping out of school....

Okay, yea... so. When my grandfather passed away he left me
$50,000 for college. And Im in my thrid year, so Im
thinking, yea one of these days it will run out... but they
will let me know when I will need to get loans and crap...
Yea I get an email today saying "You now have $3 thousand
something in your trust. Make financial plans accordingly."
WHAT THE F&CK am I supposed to do? Pull money out of thin
air to pay for school? I probobly cant get a loan cos my
credit is so shitty... UGH! (and before anyone says
something along the lines of 'spoiled rich girl with trust
1- My parents have no money, they are bankrupt, which is
why my grandpa, who was wealthy left us money for college,
so we could get an education.

2- I would rather have one more day to say goodbye to him
(his death was unexpected on Dec 5th 98, my senior year of
HS) than have gone to college at all....


And I cant even find my mother to talk to her...

OR my cell phone.