2002-02-05 17:34:19 (UTC)

Just Stuff...

Well things have been pretty un-eventful lately. A little
of this and a little of that...

We're being re-taught Access in Database Concepts class
which I am eternally grateful for because I really do not
get it at all...

I actually spent time with my dad the past TWO days which
is shocking the everlovin crap outta me seeing as how I
thought he hated me after I moved out...

Travis (the love of my life) is still taking his parent's
divorce really hard. He's coming to terms with it a little
now. He actually spoke with his dad about it and is
starting to see why it was a good move for the both of
them. His sister also asked us if we minded being on her
will to take her son if she and her ex husband should both
die. I love Travis' nephew to death and he thinks of me as
his aunt already. I was very flattered that she thought of
us when thinking about who she would want taking care of
her only son if something bad happened...

I'm really sleepy right now. I havent been getting much
sleep lately. Been too busy playing video games. ^_^ So
is the life of a gamer... I haven't even pulled myself
away from the consoles long enough to go to the comic store
in weeks. *I must have the gaming fever... I love the
weekly comic store trip. I have a giant void in my life
that only comics can fill!!!* *SMACK* ok, I'm better now...

I took a love compatability test for Travis n Me. The
results are...

You scored: 30 out of 35

30 points or more:
Woo hoo! You're quite a pair: You talk, negotiate and pull
together as a team under most crisis situations. Of course
you're not perfect. When we're scared or stressed, we all
lose it occasionally. But the two of you have figured out
how to help each other and comfort each other -- and solve

Good to know we're so compatible.