The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-02-05 16:01:35 (UTC)

It seems to be birthday season!~

Well it does seem to be birthday season!...Its Mary's 17th
Birthday tommorow, although she doesnt seem to be very
happy or excited about it?!..hmm oh well Libby's Birthday
is coming up soon its in 5 days!..and then Ashley's
Birthday is in 27 days and Emily's Birthday is 23 birthday is in 67 days!? well that
is a long ways away...but hey i am really looking forward
to turning 17!!...hip hip horrayy!!...okie dokie well hello
to everyone and don't forget General...We have pictures
tommorow morning for Pastiche between 1st and 2nd
period...!! ummmmm I am still not eniterly sure on whether
or not i am going to go to the prom, but i am thinking of
going, but i am still not quite sure...oh well in one min.
i have to do a thingy for BABCA so ill see/talk to you all
love yall