Like A Frightened Rabbit
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2002-02-05 15:13:05 (UTC)

5th febuary

hi. i made i am. had a bad night last nite. i
found out that mark mite have leukimia, and i nearly got
dumped. but its ok now. today has been ok. i think i've
finally accepted it now......i cant believe its a year ago
since i took an overdose...duznt seem that long....phil
rang me late last night...he sed he's ok...he's gonna be
fine...he's accepted mik has gone too. it's good we can
move on. ol didn't get me n e pot....he cudnt be
arsed....stoopid boy but he sez he's gonna get it
tonite...i've given him a tenner...i shudnt have dun i shud
have given it to phil.....but phil can wait, he sed last
nite that he mite let a chunk of wot i owe him slide....i
hope so.
n e ways, i don't have too much else to rite.
i'll rite agen tomorro...
vic xx