The End
2002-02-05 15:01:38 (UTC)

i said no

I said no.
I said it again and again as he pinned me down.
When his fist hit my face again and again, I
knew I would not make it. Dazed, I watched from
a distance as he ripped my shirt off, as he
pawed drunkenly at my breasts.

Time stopped and the world ceased as he bound
my hands to the bed. I watched helplessly as
he produced the hunting knife he had proudly won
in a poker game. As the knife was pressed across
my neck and warm blood was drawn, I closed my eyes.
Roll over bitch or I'll cut your throat.

Words emblazoned in memory forever.

I would not , could not obey. Pissed off
he took his pants off then cut mine off too. Your
gonna learn how to obey bitch.

More words to live by.

I fought him then as best I could, but alas
I did not have the strength. In the end he took
what he wanted. Like a savage grunting beast
he mounted me from behind and took what little
dignity I had left.

I pleaded with my maker to let me die,
he rammed me with his hardness as he bent over
and carved his rules once more in my flesh.
Adding to the list he started on our wedding day.

It ended as suddenly as it began and once more
I promised myself I would leave. Just as soon
as I could. Well maybe tomorrow.