Me and More
2002-02-05 12:32:19 (UTC)

Sometimes We Loose....

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I found out that a good friend of mine
lost a friend to a drunk driver on Friday. I'm very sorry
for her lose and wish there was more I could do to help.
But I know that her friend is in heaven with God no longer

Please people we have to the power to stop this kind
of stuff. As the commercials say, " Take the keys, Friends
don't let friends drive drunk." I don't know what I would
do if I lost my best friend Michelle to a drunk driver or
Jackie or my sister. But if we don't act now and take
responsibility someone else will loose a mother, sister,
father, friend, brother, or loved one. So please help bring
down the death toll by drunk driving. Please.

On other news I am severely piss off and
SKYMALL.COM. They are selling a MINK TEDDY BEAR! Can you
believe that shit. A poor animal dies because someone wants
a mink fucking teddy bear! You know we are can do without
fur shit people! No animals deserves the right to die for
it's fur. About the only animal that doesn't go to "waste"
is Rabbit because the whole animal is used. But it's not
the point. I'm sick and tired of people wiping out the
Rainforest, killing of rare species to look good, or to
build new land or drill oil, etc. If we don't stop and do
something WE THE HUMAN RACE are going to go extinct. We
won't last forever people!

Now that I have had my say about that. I think I
might have offended my friend last night. I'm sorry
Michelle if I did. I'm sorry if I haven't been there for
you. You are one of my best friends. If you need me I'll be
there. I Luv ya lots girl. LOL. I just thought of something
we are such good friends that we are even sharing sleepless
nights! LOL. Ain't that freakish! LOL. I'm worried about
her. I hope her depression and insomnia goes away soon.
*Yells* I'M HERE FOR YOU!!!!!! LOL.

Well, peeps my pain kills are starting to kick in so
I think I am going to go and try and get some sleep. *sigh*
My prayers are with all of you. I hope you all have a safe
and wonderful day tomorrow and night. Hi Michelle! Luv ya!


Ps. If you want to help with the drunk driving or saving
the animals and the Earth you can contact some
organizations in your area or check out some web sites
like... MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
World Wild Life Foundation
And many others on the net and in your local areas. Thanks