Psychotic Rambles
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2002-02-05 09:06:47 (UTC)

we are not the ones to blame

I cut my hair last night. thats funny. i cut my OWN hair.
you know i emailed mike velez but i didnt know it was him.
but he doesnt really know its me either. lol. isnt that
funny? everything is funny right now. its funny that i'm
skippin first and second period. wait...can you call it
skipping when your parents know? well i'm not in school
just for the hell of it. i cant believe no one likes HIM
except for getting a skateboard i'm getting a
skateboard ::sing song voice:: i love skating. its FUN!!
woohoo! ok well i got to go get dressed so i can make it in
just in time for history. and i have to go to a skatin site
or soemthing.