It smells like poop over here
2002-02-05 07:40:42 (UTC)

it's like a whirlwind inside of my mind

linkin park show tonight, so i figured i should use a quote
from them. i got to hang out with jermaine too, and his
mom, she's the coolest mom i've ever known. marta too,
ohhhh god did she look good. she had these jeans on that
wear tighter than tight is tight, a small shirt and she
just looked so hot. people keep sayin she likes me too, and
joe g. told me that laura is tryin to set something up
between us. like at the show, i was sitting next to joe,
marta was sitting next to joe. then marta and joe switched
because "laura thinks we need to be more patterned, like
boy-girl-boy-girl." or she just wanted to sit next to me,
but she switched back and forth a few more times. confused
the hell outta me. then she sat by me at dinner, but that
was after a while of sitting on the other side of the
tables (we had 2, i was at one, she was at the other).
maybe she does like me, and valentines is coming up...hmmm?
only time will tell, and marta is so hot. i just had to add
that one last time.