Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-02-05 05:50:41 (UTC)


I just got up about 30 minutes ago, and I'm tired!!!

It's 5 45 now. My fucking dad woke my up by leaving his
twatty alarm clock ringing.
Last night my light blew so I need to get a switch, which
means I was in darkness, with only the aid of two small
lamps. Poor me. Anyways, I went to bed at 10, didn't get to
fucking sleep until 1!!! My mum came home, they were
talking for aaages, then they came to bed AND STARTED
GOSSIPPING SOME MORE!!!! Fuck that. I'm tired as hell. No
wonder I'm always so sick, I hadly ever get sleep and they
say I stay up all night on the computer, haha.


Well they'd think I was faking it if I said I was ill,
because Ellie's ill at the moment (she had yesterday off
school!!) and ofcourse, *I'M* the attention seeker. Yeah
right. How the hell am I attention seeking when I only see
my parents less than an hour before school, and a few hours
after school. It's their problem if they dont see me,
because they sent me to THAT school which piles me down
with tons of homework and coursework.

Fuck that!

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