Thoughts to Share
2002-02-05 05:00:37 (UTC)

Part II

Saturday afternoon I managed to watch a little of the
Carolina game, painful as it was. Did a little bit of
studying, lots of laundry, and a little nappage. My dad
and I met my mom and brother for dinner b/c they were
coming back into town kinda late. Dinner was nice, we
acted like a real family, talking, laughing and such. A
lady from my church was there and she took it upon herself
to inform our waitress that it was my b-day. So...I had
dressed so lovely for this meal...a shirt of my brother's,
plus a t-shirt from high school...b/c I was like
really...who am I gonna see that I know, and who's going to
pay attention? Only the whole restraunt and 20 million
people that worked there. :-p But we got a piece of
cheescake out of the deal, so perhaps it wasn't so bad. :-p
The thought occured to me that when we all got home maybe
we'd again act like a real family and watch a movie and I
could open my gifts while everyone was there. Negative. I
came home and studied in the den while my parents fell
asleep in their chairs and my brother got online. I did
get to listen to my brother's all-district concert. It's
not quite as cool as it would have been had I heard it in
person, but he was proud of it and the music was pretty
Sunday morning when I got up my mom had made buiscuts.
Mmm..love me some busicuts. :-p My brother had already
left to go to the church he plays at by the time I got up,
but I opened my gifts except for his. My parents got me 2
CD towers, some jewelry, and other such things. My dad
went to church with me...and I really enjoyed the service.
I love the preacher we have right now. He is such a
wonderful person, and his sermons really speak to me. My
uncle's b-day is the day before mine...so some of my
relatives went to eat. I love my family, I really do.
Also saw someone that I had been friends with when I was in
middle school and such. We randomly see each other and we
try and catch up. But I always feel bad b/c we never have
more than a few minutes...and how can you catch up on
years of stuff in a few minutes? But during dinner with my
family I opened my brother's gift and it was a slide for my
necklace. I was very impressed with his gift-picking-out
So I headed back to school.
My roommie had told me that she had told our RA that we'd
be at the Super Bowl party she was having in our lobby. So
for that exciting story...you'll have to tune in for part
III, the rest of the story. ;-) Stay tuned...I know you
are. :-p Muhahahaha.

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