The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-02-05 04:52:11 (UTC)

coasting to the end

So my new computer parts arrived today, and then the price
from the website has dropped by ten bucks. Time to see
about a refund. All things considered, though, this could
seriously rock. I'm planning to mount the board in the case
on Wednesday, and put the rest together Friday night with a
little help from my friends. It's going to be good shit.

For the past week, I've been trying to get ahold of the
district manager of one of the pizza places here in town,
but haven't been able to. I got ripped off by the jerk at
the pizza parlor. He wouldn't give me the right price with
a coupon, claiming it negated their regular pricing. Well,
guess what? I've used those coupons at least twenty times
buying from them, even when he's been there. Makes one miss
the guy who used to run the counter there, even though he
always looked stoned out of his gourd.

In other news, jazz guitar is some good stuff. These Django
Reinhardt songs are most righteous. I'm seriously envious
of this guy's skill. Of course, he is supposed to be the
best jazz guitarist alive today, so it's ok to be envious.

I did some calculations today, and found out that by the end
of April, all of my extracurricular stuff will be through.
That includes QuizBowl and the musical. By mid-May, I'll be
through with my CS class and the AP Calculus exam. Then it
will really be time to cruise. Second semester of senior
year: what an easy time.

Since my obligations will basically stop existing in two and
a half months, I'd best find something to do. Maybe go and
get a job? Frankly, I'd rather save that for summer. No,
I'll probably just live the same sort of dull existence as
now. Unless, of course, this raver thing turns into a good
deal. There is also the possibility of my luck changing
with respect to dating, however remote that may be. I'll
stop here before this turns into another long, rambling,
excessively personal and boring treatise on my social life.

This is Dave, signing off.