What's up now?
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2002-02-05 04:40:27 (UTC)

The weekend....

okay so this weekend was CANADA!!! Very fun times, for the
most part....but I'd rather not relieve them all....But we
went to some cool bars, had some yummy drinks(actually a
lot of yummy drinks) did some good dancing, had a lot of
good times, overall :) Wishing I was still with everyone,
I miss you a lot! Today's monday...I went to the
basketball game with my dad(we beat western) And we went
out to dinner :) It was really really nice!!! I love
getting to spend time with him :) It was good!!! Brian
and I are on the track again...when will this all end, and
when we be truely happy?? I'm happy now, but I was us to
be happier and perfect :) I love you baby!!! Hopefully he
can come sometime this week...It would be heaven, I'd get
to see him 3 weeks in a row!!! How great would that be!??!

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