a little piece of me
2002-02-05 04:11:46 (UTC)

wire sucks!

damn. took jessie and i an hour and a half to finish that
mother fucking bat wing thing for design. we felt like
such idiots...for the last half an hour we were trying to
get the darn things to stand straight up. well, we tried
adding wire here, and bending things there, and moving that
over there...find out all i had to do was pull the bottom
of the wings up around the front of my legs. all that
other shit was pointless. anyway, it's done, so now all i
have to do is figure out how the hell i'm going to get into
the silly harness by myself. the drawing definitely looks
a billion times better than the finished product :D

it was so funny trying to figure that thing out, though.
on more than one occasion, jessie laughed so hard she
cried. people coming through the building looked at us
like we were crazy (we are, but that's beside the point).
ugh. didn't get back tonight until almost 10...loooong
day. and tomorrow i get to cut up a chicken in orn lab.
joy! speaking of cutting...jessie and i were working away
and i noticed some blood. didn't think much of it, until
we both started noticing more and more blood. hehe, turns
out i cut my little finger open and didn't even realize
it! my thumbs are all cut up now, too. oh well...it was

damn, i'm so tired. i just wish i could sleep. sleeping
pills are screaming my name, but i can't start taking them
yet...just a few days to go. mom said the doc said it's
not normal to develop a heart murmur, so i will probably
have to have some tests done next time i go to the doc. oh
yay. i get to have lots of expensive and pointless things
done. maybe i'll just quit going to the doc now, so that i
don't have to worry about the bills. i know i won't be
paying them, but it's my problem and my parents shouldn't
have to pay for this shit either. ok, enough. i'm going
bye bye now.