Reality Bites
2002-02-05 03:51:02 (UTC)

SO over him it's not even funny

Yes, well, today I got in a little tiff with Jesse over
something very stupid...we ended up talking it out and you
know what...I was sitting there telling him I like him and
I didn't believe it. I was explaining something to him a
situation and I had to tell him that I like him and I was
thinking, "Why am I saying this...I'm so very over him.."
It was like bittersweet but I'm ready to wash my hands of
the situation. It's not good for me...It makes me feel
happy then sad then happy then sad, and I dont need that
what-so-ever...I think I'll write him a note tonight and
give it to him tomarrow making sure everything is ok. Mia
came over after school and b4 that a bunch of us went down
town...No news on Eddie...I gtg...ttyl!