Visions Of Life
2002-02-05 03:00:05 (UTC)

In A Glass Chamber

**This Was Written Feb. 2000.. I just found it..**

Shattered glass, empty threats
Broken words, dying love.
Curled in the corner, she sits
Away from the pain,
Yet she sobs.
Salty tears from a broken heart,
Fall on a shiny penny,
Staining it with her tears.
Time passes, houses split,
Tearing jagged hearts into fragments.
Yet, through this web of hatred,
One thing remains strong.
A simple penny locked
In a glass chamber.
A symbol of hope, everlasting
Strength. Proof of the steadfastness
Of the human soul.

Flowers bloom through winters frost.
Puppies run through silken grass.
With hand extended she takes anothers,
Letting the weight of a decade lift.
A simple smile says a thousand words,
Just like rain can cleanse the ground.
A slight bulge, a silent kick,
Another human grows.
Ringing of bells purge through
The lands, sending joy to all in need.
Two hearts, two rings, one kiss, one dream.
No model for life, but one.
This simple penny, locked
In a glass chamber.
Shedding insight on clueless lovers.
Showing a path for a helpless
Infant. Held close, held tight.
A pillow for tears, a charm for luck.
Window to the past, road for the future.

Comments? A bit different then the poems I write now. Same
kind of style but a bit too