between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-04-24 14:50:00 (UTC)


last night talked with my father he called,and
the sister
i never knew i had had came to visit him while
i was in boston. iam not jealose just think he
filling her brain with crap like he did mine...
and i feel sorry for her,i chatted with her on the phone
but she was very direct with her answers like she really
didnt want to talk....she sounded so boreing to me.
my dad told me we where a like, i dont think so ..
i love to talk and iam very out going...........
and love adventer.....but ill check her out...
maybe this is all new to her, and she is just
a little confussed.anybody have a teenager around 13
who can tell me what might be going on with her thoughts
right now???? anyway ill write more later...
im still so tired....