I Debbie...
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2001-04-24 14:16:42 (UTC)

Brad vs Brian

Just got done instant messaging dad. We were talking about
Brad and it came to me that the two of them are so much
alike in some ways. Both of them cause their wives to have
to deal with constant change,Brad with moving and the both
with job change. Brad seems stuck in one type of job setting
and Brian seems stuck in not wanting to explore other job
opportunities.Both don't seem to be able to talk with others
about thier jobs and hole up in front of a computer
terminal. This leaves Bridget and I to be by ourselves and
have other diversions. I wonder what Bridget would do
without the kids? And I wonder how she copes. I mean I have
my friends and I wonder if she has the same perspective I
do. Heck, she may even have an online diary, too. But then
again she has stuff she brings home from school and helps
the kids with their homework as well. The book project is
just like Brian's storm chasing where she never got to see
him. I know that much from what she said at Christmas. What
is it with the Stertz men? I guess it is good that they have
such strong willed women in their lives because we can give
them alittle more of a perspective. I wonder if Bridget and
I should colaborate on a it For Our Peace Of
Mind or Missing In Action. LOLLOLOLLLLOLOLOLOL !!Anyway
gotta go..I Debbie

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