Baby Story
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2002-02-05 00:38:54 (UTC)

17 wks 7 days

This is a message I posted on about my
Where do I start!? My u/s appointment is for 4:00. Around
3:00, my DF (not dear) decides to tell me that it doesnt
look like he can go to the appointment, as he cannot get
out of work. Well, God, I don't want to do this alone, but
I ALSO dont want to wait another two weeks for another
appointment! So, I tell him that if at all possible, meet
me out there. Im crying the whole way to the doctors
office. When I get there, I make them wait to take me in
for a few minutes, just hoping that he will show up. He
doesnt. Darn. So I brought a video tape, and got to video
tape the whole thing for him, which was really nice, at
least I THOUGHT. And I REALLY REALLY wanted to know the sex
of the baby, but it was not only crossing its legs, but its
feet also, you know, YOGA style. It was really cute, but
frustrating, that NOTHING could go my way!!!! AHHHHH! So
THEN, I go home, and Nelson doesn't even want to know what
happened at the doctors visit. He only YELLS at me for
going WITHOUT him. That I should have cancelled the
appointment because HE PROCRASTINATED and DID NOT ASK for
the afternoon off ahead of time. He was too SCARED to ask,
and then when he wanted to ask an hour before he wanted to
go he COULDNT. But of course that was MY FAULT. God knows
why. So he continues to yell and doesn't even look at the
pictures of the U/S before he storms out the door for an
appointment. So I called him a few minutes later on his
cell phone where he proceeds to tell ME that I am SELFISH!
UGH! JERK!!!! Mind you that I am BAWLING MY EYES OUT that
he doesnt care. And I even TRIED to be nice to him for
missing the appointment. I could have very well been just
as mad at him for missing it. Luckily for him, I get
another U/S on March 21st. God that seems so far away!!!!
AND they moved my Due Date to July 10th, which was
frustrating. All I can do is cry, and I am at my SECOND JOB
so I CANT! ERRRRR! I know that we will sit down and talk
tonight, and that we will work everything out, to be A-
OKAY, and sit down and watch the video. But for right now
all I want to do is CRY and SCREAM!!! Sorry so long guys...
BUT, good news, a healthy baby inside. YAY! LOL

So I guess it was another b*tch fest about Nelson. It just
makes me mad how (no offense guys) guys can't get mad at
themselves, and make it all YOUR FAULT. But, I love him,
and he has called me here at work and told me that
he "loves me with all of his heart and soul" I told him
that "we would talk later!" LoL.

So I guess we all have to wait until the end of March to
find out if we have a lil boy or girl in here. Take Care!

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