One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2002-02-05 00:06:50 (UTC)

Terrible heroin overdose

I got out of school today and called my mother. Terrible
news. My older brother (the heroin addict) is living with
his friend matt in providence. I guess they bought some
heroin last night and they were up till 4:30 doing it. When
my brother woke up this morning, his bestfriend was dead.
He is so upset right now. He doesnt know what to do with
hiself. I'm looking at him right now in the kitchen and his
face is all red and puffy...I feel horrible. Can you
imagine waking up to finding that?! I dont even know what
to say to him. Tomorrow was Matt's 21st birthday. He will
never see it because of heroin. Please, if you read this,
Think twice before you do any kind of drugs. They can kill
you in a n instant. I really hope my brother gets off of
the dope. I really hope he can cope with what happened.
Please pull through Shawn, I love you and I'm here for
In unbelievable sorrow,