mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-04 23:58:03 (UTC)

Major issue for me.....

ok, what do i do now ? I am at odds w/my parents and it is
startin to eat at me. My parents and I havent been talkin
for 6 months now, although my dad has sent me some e-mail.
Last week, i sent out engagement announcement via e-mail to
friends & family , cause i want the whole world to know
that Lisa & I are gettin married. Well since i sent out the
announcement, not a single e-mail form any family. I sent
it to my mom & dad, my aunt , and my sister..... not a
single one of them sent any kind of reply. This is leadin
me to believe that i have finally been made an outsider,
blackballed, disowned by my own family, my blood.
I love Lisa and nothing is gonna change that at all, I
want to be happy , I feel it is only right that i should be
I am very tempted to write dad and ask just that , but i
dont know if i should ... I have even thought about askin
Lisa to write them and see how that goes.. but i dont know
if that would be right either.
HELP !!!! -- What should i do ???
Any help offered will greatly be appreciated... Thanks !!