Inside my mind
2002-02-04 23:48:02 (UTC)

Almost V-Day

It's almost Valentines Day and I still don't have a honey.
I'm telling ya this holiday is the most depresing for all
of us single people out there. And sometimes for those of
you that have someone special. I can't eeven remember a V-
Day that I wasn't single. LoL But oh well, my rents n some
friends buy me shit. N I buy them stuff too. So I guess
it's all cool. Alright here's some recent news that I just
found out. Well, one of my best friends ex-boyfriend's is a
total jack ass, n is so totally stalking me. At the begging
of football season he went psyco on me n wanted to beat the
shit outta me, but luckinly I hadf a lil fling w/a football
player that stayed after school. Well, he threatened him
for me n he never talked to me again until last week
sometime. N I guess that's when he started stalking me, b/c
me best friend noticed it one day during 8th period. So
this makes guy #2 that's stalking me. It's really creepy if
ya think about it. But oh well I'll live. Well not if Josh
doesn't start talking to me again I won't. B/c we had a lil
fight n it hasn't been forgotten yet. :*( Buh bye