casey vespa

street knife fight
2002-02-04 23:40:21 (UTC)

*look at the stars, look how they shine for you...*

my mom is cutting onions and she is crying. how cute. but
she seems a little grummmpy. does someone need a nappy? aw
what a baby. so...i dont even remember the last thing i
wrote in here. uh. um. ::thinks:: ah well. so im really
sore and pretty out of it today. i really really am dead
serious about not drinking anymore. but its such a casual
thing with everyone...urgh. i think i need to hangout with
some different people...sigh. somehow my butt is
ridiculously sore..from fighting rachael? hmm
this weekend seemed to go FOREVER. maybe just saturday.
no, sunday too. saturday was the ongoing boring party at
my house. well, just the first couple hours were blah. the
last couple were actually fun. thennnn there was the show.
ew. a punk show. well i can STAND punk. good punk. which
to me is not yelling poorly. this was not good punk. and
the whole punk thing is so true...what justin was talking
about. i dont understand why upper-middle class white kids
feel they have to purchase "punk" clothing at hot topic
and not shower to be cool. i had a tremendously better
time at the bleeding through show...completely different.
night and day. it also had a much better vibe going. hard
to interpret into words.

Urgh. whatta word. i feel so cutsey today. what with my
red knit sweater...with a HOOD and a pocket in the front
none the less...sigh. my huge father, who is NOT one to
fling the word cute about loosely, commented on
it...saying "ohhhhh look how cute! its got a little
pocket! put on the hood!" euuuu. haha so what do i do? put
on the hood of course...jeez.
i have a number on my hand. and its melting. oh. its
alex's. oh man. i probably will kill her. even though she
thinks we are going to "hangout" someday. just
joshin. she is nice and alla that good stuff but im just
an envious bitch. well, im not really a bitch. at least i
HOPE im not. i just always wonder if its possible that
things could work for me. if i can just have the simple
pleasures i would love to have. all im asking for is
someone to laugh with and watch good ol' classic movies
like 16 candles doesnt even have to be 16
candles! hell, id watch anime if it equated to happy
coziness. shit man.
I just cant help but wonder what im doing wrong. or
maybe there is something wrong with me. getting asked
blatantly to have sex means nothing. its just like, oh
hey, you, can i borrow you for a sec? i havent madeout
with anyone in like, 2 months...and i miss it. its nice to
be alone...for a while. i just thought of that old i
believe 80s song..."i want you to want me...i need you to
need me..." so true. that is it. in a nutshell. ok so now
someone come get me and lets go watch a good movie i.e.
office space labyrinth 16 candles fast time at ridgemont
high etc and get cozy on a couch and makeout. i just want
to look at your eyes. caution: i love to peak when