Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-04 22:49:10 (UTC)


Yep, well my motorcycle name is Travis, and now my cars
name is Laninovich, heh. Phi-Ahn said that only a European
or an insane person would drive an orange car, so it got a
good, but interesting foreign name... Anyway, Insurance
for me is going to be like $2000 since its a new car and
I'm only 16. And iven if I took, Master Drive it woudl
only take 50 bucks of my insurance each year, so that
really sucks. I need to get a freaking job!!! Ahhhh! The
I have tons of homework, grrrr. But I doubt I will do much
if any of it tonight.
Its been so cold all day today! Its been like 20 degrees,
but all my classes and stuff were cold, and it was windy...
*growls* And I bowled really bad today. Oh well, screw it,
It'll help my handicap next time.
Humm... Brent *sighs dreamily* heh, not! He may be cute,
but tsk tsk tsk, he sure all hell knows he is. Today for
example. He sits sideways to me, and I have to look in his
direction to see the board. And after class he walked up
and asked why I was starring at him, all "I'm the man, I
know look." Oh yes Brent without your big ass head in the
way I may actually be able to see the board! Good grief.
Oh well, I was amused by that anyway.
Random note: I'm going have the only orange car in Air
Academy. Heh, yep...
Well, I really need to get off and call my Mom to tell her
to buy soap. So whatever, maybe tonight won't be to bad...