Weird Chuck

Meeting Myself... For the First time.
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2002-02-04 22:07:45 (UTC)

Fury forged in Fire...

I have to close my eyes while I write this so please
forgive my errors... I'm furious right now... Furious
the way my country and my president is viewed by all the
close-minded, outspoken assholes of the world.

Today my mother got a letter from an old pen pal of
He's a Cross-dressing, homophobic (But really gay),
Scottish man.. He just up and slapped my mother in the
about the September 11th event and all things that
followed. He was
proud that all that shit happened. Overjoyed with the way
was 'smacked down' for it's vileness. Even calling us
terrorists and
saying we're worse than the ones who attacked us!

Here's how I see it, if you don't love America... YOU
DESERVE THIS COUNTRY! If you don't accept America and it's
faults then you can talk all you want, but just don't talk
to me. It's an American right for Freedom of Speech (Which
can get you killed or worse in most other 'countries' in
the world) but I also have the right not to listen to
people who have shit falling from their mouths..

I'm proud to be an American! I love this country!
It allows such freedoms that we take it all for granted!
And all who hate this country
can just go back to their hovels and plot on how best kill
in the name of God (Which only gets them a one way ticket
to HELL!)

Some see this as wonderful... death isn't wonderful. My
country just stupidly has a love for human life, and feels
that lives are sacred.. so.. hey, any others who feel
this country sucks... BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!

Thank you very much.. God Blessed America (It exists,
therefore God blessed it already.)

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