Visions Of Life
2002-02-04 21:34:35 (UTC)

Trembling Within- An anti-poem


Trembling knees
The curse within
I try and hold on
But everything slips away
Slips from my grasp
Runs from my touch
How I long for a future
Feet in the ground
No longer alone
But even with what I have
I tremble because i feel alone
Such a lonely life
Never hearing anothers voice
Except at work
Ringing in my ear
When I attempt contact
Why do I even continue
Isolation is my curse
I will never feel wanted
Never know pure happiness
Without that goddamn shadow
I stare at the wall
If I die
Can I remain in my fantasy
Because at least in my mind
I feel wanted and loved
Better to live a lie
Than die alone