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Emo Violence
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2002-02-04 21:18:01 (UTC)


its been a while since i wrote so im happy i finally have a
chance to write.

quick synopsis of everything, we did a show this friday, it
was so stressful, but it turned out ok, i guess. last time
starletta does a show like that, with just me and alicia
goin crazy. i guess the bands went ok, orange island only
played a few songs (brand new was amazing by the way, so
was the reunion show and sweet heart- jake hileman of the
closer i get) then at the end, everyone seemed to be
drinking, i even drank a little but not much, we were
cleaning up so i figured everything was cool, then we saw
the damage in the boys bathroom, it was, well, gross, the
stall door was ripped out of the wall so was a light
fixture and cans in the toliets and urinals gross gross,
the place was trashed, even some tile was smashed, (and a
part of the other stall door was missing, (i dont know
either) so we just sorta cleaned up a little, and set
everything back in place as best we could and got the hell
out of there, it was just a scarry night, no fun at all.
lots of kids were there, ya know, like about 300 in all
with bands and guests. but i didnt have a good time, i
didnt talk to lots of kids, ya know, i was busy and a
nervous wreck.

im fine now, im more scene-posi and not crazy. god, this
fricken junior cd has played 3 times, it keeps starting
over again, its driving me crazy, haha. ok time for somthin
new. i bought an orange island cd that i want to listen to.

anyway, school is beat, friends are beat, zine is hot, its
called Like Your Face, we are doin the satin ribbon thing
and the whole bit, i'll explain later. im out.


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