ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-02-04 21:02:09 (UTC)

sorry its been so long...

well i apologize for the time thats elapsed since i wrote
last.i just neevr feel like writing.well i hate steve
working two jobs...hes working 6 days a week,i never get to
see him anymore and when i do hes alwyas so tired.i kno its
to help make money tho but i just miss him thats all.well
what can i say ...lifes been well life.it doesnt even seem
like i hae a use for days of the week everyday is just
another day to get through untill im dead.why bother
seperating them into mondays and fridays and all that?well
im almost broke....the dance and Valentines day has taken
alot out of me.but im also gonna be 16 soon and that means
i can get a legit job.i was gonna get on at Bio.but theres
a Hot Topic opening right around march so imma just have my
boy jon in H-town refer me cuz he works at the one there.so
i'll have money then.also i need to get tickets for the MM
tour the 26th of march...its gonna be phat.theres alot of
juggalos going from around here...imma go as ABK more than
likely...i figured id try sumthin different.well i got my
dress for the Sweetheart dance..i went to hot topic and i
didnt get the one i wanted but i got sumthin else
instead.its a long black silk skirt and a blood red silk
paneled corset with black lacing.its really pretty.plus i
got elbow length black gloves and high heeled oxfords.im
not used to walking in them..i'll prolly break my
ankles ..lol.well it should be a fun time except i wish i
looked better in my outfit...but what are ya gonna do?then
V-day is soon too.im really excited cuz i kno steve is
gonna do sumthin really romantic.but im painting and
decorating this terra cotta pot and making this cute gift
basket..its gonna be special cuz i made it and then imma
get him a salvidor dali art book.since thats his fave
artist.hhmmm im also gonna try and get my learners permit
this month...that way i can get my license in may.woo
hoo...man i screwed up so bad with my license thing...its
cuz im a bum.well i got Julius Ceaser vocab due wednesday
and im hungry so imma bounce

****MCL and TSKL****

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