emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-04 20:20:10 (UTC)

cough cough

im losing my voice. my eyes burn. im sleepy. i have a

thats all.

i cant stand my 7th bell. just knowing cameron is right
there and im sitting there and then i look at him
and ...its just....hard to think. i hate lookin right at
him. like it kind of hurts. but i cant look away. his eyes
are wonderful. and i love his smile. :/

i cant belive i said outloud to my entire 2nd bell, "I WISH
CAMERON WAS IN THIS CLASS..." kinda embarassing.


i like 2nd bell, alot alot. its the best. im such a suck
up. hahaha.

i havent talked to adam in a long time.
since...yesterday..haha. wonder what hes up to. ? haha

and belo has the funniest teeth. hahahhah.


ill write more later....see ya.