Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-04 19:27:41 (UTC)

Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee

I was up and awake this morning at that most spectacular of
times; the dawn chorus to dawn time, and despite its being
pitch dark and unable to see much at all, it gave me quite
a lift.

Not just the having an entire main road to myself to dance
down to 'Brown Eyed Girl', either, but there were other
things, bigger and maybe even better that I could, and did

I almost got to stroke a crow, but not quite. It ran off,
not flew, but ran, obviously a bit scared, but not too much.

But the most striking thing about being in a town centre at
that time of day is the people, there are only men, who are
either on their way in or out of night shifts. Now women,
just occasional men walking past. I found it a little odd.

Then, when I came round for the rest of the day we were
buried (yes, buried) in torrential rain. Terrible.

WILT? Noël Coward - Let's Fall In Love