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2002-02-04 19:25:32 (UTC)

Have not been here for a while. New News!!!

February 4,2002 A.D.

I am sorry I have not written over here in sometime.I have so many online diaries and journals
that sometime I forget to write in any one of my
diaries. But I do get around to it.

First, Steve is back in my picture. He said, he wanted to love me. I asked him if he could accept
the reality of being a Christian Wiccan. He said he guesses so because if it means he loves me.

He is falling for me. We do make cute couple. So do Honey and I.

NaughtyHoneyBear and I have a fourth month anniversary coming up on February 12. He! He!
We had the most romantic time a couple of weekends ago.

NaughtyHoney-Bear picked me up at the Aurora Station and we went to Fox Valley Mall and
walked around the mall and through all the stores.

Then we went to circuit city and best buy and looked around and then had lunch over at Long John
Silvers. We then went over to Motel 8 and all.
We had the best time. We made love four times and
once in the hot bath. It felt good.

Yes, NaughtyBlue-Eyes contacted me. This babe has
the hots for me, and said we make a cute couple.

I remember the first time he met me, he said, "Oh my you are cute." Don't look any further for a boyfriend I want to be it."

Oddly enough we are compatible signs of the zodiac.
We are both water signs and Libra and Gemini get
along very well. I did not know that.
So does Scoripos and Gemini,that is what Honeybear
is .

Naughtyblueeyes is a Libra and I am a gemini.

Hmm, we make an interesting couple.

He is persistant though. He knows what he wants
and won't stop until he gets me.

Oh well, time to leave this diary.

Have a nice day.
Karissa Anne