The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-02-04 19:22:09 (UTC)

ranting and raving

I'm sitting in Yearbook, still stuck for an idea on this
spread. My creative spirit has diminished unbelievably,
leaving me an ineffective shell of a man. Or something like
that. Whatever the case, no ideas are coming to my head.
Except, of course, really bad ones.

So I spent last Saturday night defragmenting my hard drive.
The status bar on the defrag program sat there harmlessly,
then screamed out, "Dave, GET A FUCKING LIFE!" That may
have just been the lack of sleep talking. Anyway, I've been
thinking about that, and came up with nothing.

For some reason, I can't get excited about anything. Like
the play, for instance: they could cancel the production
tomorrow, and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference for
me. Right now, it's just something to pass the time. Even
Fallout 2 doesn't hold any real thrill; I'm still slogging
through it, but I've replayed the same parts so many times
(on account of my screw-ups) that it's just not interesting.

I got one idea today, and it's probably a bad one. Today's
Something Awful update had a section about "Goth: the Board
Game," and one of the possible events was "Mutate to Raver,"
causing the player to lose 500 misery points. To make a
short story even shorter, I decided to maybe become a raver.

Yeah, it sounds idiotic. But hell, ravers seem a whole lot
happier than I am right now. Maybe it's not for me, but if
nothing else, it's worth a shot. Who knows, maybe I'll find
happiness in the world of trance music, bizarre lighting,
and neon clothing. It has to beat the hell out of computer
maintenance as a weekend activity.