Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
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2002-02-04 19:18:55 (UTC)

Monday Feb 4, 2002 // Monday night RAW //

The Return Of The nWo...

The nWo is headed to the WWF and the wrestling world is
buzzing about what will happen next. Kevin Nash, Scott
Hall, and Hulk Hogan could debut at any time and
anticipation for their returns has reached a fever pitch.
For the latest on the return of the nWo and all the other
wrestling news

And return of the beautifull JESSIKA comming to see the
match 2night at home VD (QC) Canada, with a
sheppard ! Following , us... how to engage a nice evening
with a nice chick and one of my friends at home ... watch
the WWF then dump the DUDE ... ill come back on more info
on this

============================= jenxter

here is a scoop more info :: she asked a nice phrase ::
" - Do i look stressed ? " (yepper she is bilingual)
One leg on the couch the other on the floor she really look relaxed,
and ready for more but... the temptation ,i have to resist !