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2002-02-04 19:07:44 (UTC)

Hey whats going on? I haven t..

Hey whats going on? I haven't written in a long time
(couple of days) so here i am.Okay sat. John Mike roy and
dave sold me out. Oh well around 2 I was like come over. As
soon as i hung up the phone I went out with my brother
Richard. We got pretty high...any way as soon as i got home
I went to sleep..there was a note on my bed written by john
he called me a sell out lol. The next morning Dave called
me when he woke up he was like hey bekah what are u doing?
Nothing. He said lets have a dave and bekah dave so he
picked me up we went to checkers and then to his house we
talked a little and slept a little and he tried getting
with me...don't think so! he didn't get any! Any way. Dave
is nice but I don't like him like that...At he
is such a jerk to girls. I know how he treats his g/f's
behind there backs. So we went to justin V's house i met a
kid named brandon and some one else..can't remember his
name..his brothers name is maricio tho... anyway. After
that dave took me to work as his and brandon smoked a blunt
in the car. When I got to work the super bowl just started
i watched for about an hour and went home. When I got home
I called up Mike and we decided to chill and make up for
the night i was sold out. To my complete suprise he
actually had a plan for friday night. we were gunna go to
the movies and do what we did lsat night. Okay what we did.
He picked me up and we stopped by his friend tommys house.
He was in a car accident and he can't walk. They were
watchig the game. we just went to say hi. After that we
drove down to the beach is was wonderful. He had a
strawberry candel a blanket us and the ocean. It was one of
the most romantic nights ever. We talked for a long time
and we kissed and we talked. It was great. I can't wait for
our next encounter. He was perfect and so was the night. I
will write more about the night but I have to go now. Bye