Lil. Playful
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2002-02-04 19:01:31 (UTC)


im so sad today my favorite person who i love so much has
moved out of the class that we had together and now im so
sad. its funny how life is with you that guy that was after
me (the 22 year old) has finally left me alone. he goes to
church with me but now hes lost intrest in me (trust me
there is much better out there than me). ok today in the
morning me and my short friend were just laughing so hard i
do think that my boyfriend got a bit upset, dont know
really why? you know what?... in 4 days its going to be our
11 month together, thats a lot we know each other scinec my
freashman year (hes a year older than me)
.....Everyone says were the perfect couple......i dont
think so because perfect couples wouldnt have so many
problems...dont you think? well all realationships do have
problems and if the realationship is worth fighting for
than problems wouldnt be so hard on the
my best friend is mad at me for something that i didnt do
in fact i dont know what i did...when hes mad at me he
ignores me or calls me the "wind."...thats funny!he needs
to get a girlfriend soon, well he does like my friend
maggie but he doesnt want to tell her how he feels about
her i dont understand why? maybe because its not me in his
shoes and i dont know how he feels, but hes always talking
about her...and always saying that they would make such an
awsome couple about people loving each
other my short friend is madly in love with a guy that we
work with at the hospital (hes hot!) and i do think its a
good thing that she is in love with him although she afraid
to tell
well thats all for today i guess i have nothing more to
say good-bye!