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2001-04-24 09:43:25 (UTC)

Better everyday

April 24..Steve's blood sugar was to high..He was being
depressed everyday..He has strated taking his insulin,N
again..It sure does make a differents.We should have known
that this were getting out of control.He has been so much
better the last few days..Steve had wrote to Irene and told
her that we would not be able to go to Disneyworld with her
and Bob..He said he would be to sick..It was just his
depression talking..We will be going..Today is going to be
beautiful..Sunday we went out to breakfast..Then we went to
a motorcyle race..I was really tired from getting up so
early,my arm had been hurting..I fell asleep on the
drive..He thought that he had gone past our turn,but he
keep driving so that I could sleep..That was so sweet..It's
so nice to have him back to normal..We finally got
there..We don't have any work today..We are going to go and
get some plants for the garden..Neighbors..Two men came
over yesterday..They may have been processors..I can only
hope..Friday will be two months sober..I sure would be
great if I never drink again..I do get a little depressed
in the afternoon though..I think its just my drunk
thinking..But I tell my self is it worth about two hours of
drinking to screw up my sobriety..Evening of the 24th. We planted
flowers and did some weeding..Steve is mowing the lawn.It has been
very hard this afternoon,I want to drink really bad..I guess it's the
weather..I could almost cry!!!!!It's 7:30 I wish it was 8:30..One
hour I just have to stay sober for one more hour..