Cruel Intentions
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2001-04-24 09:18:28 (UTC)

Dont forget the Quest..

In regards to ur question of why its not good if ur on when
I'm horny... read rule #1... no fucking with each other. Or maybe its
all part of the game.. I know u want me, and you can't have me. I'm
the only person you can't control and it kills you *smile* Or am I
just fucking with you now? guess you'll have to work it all out for

Another for your theory on lifes tests.. love isnt easy,
lust is. I dont fall in love easily. I dont love easily. People love
me though, thats the easy part, getting them to love me. So out of
lifes tests.. its not easy to give love, but easy to recieve it.

I'll give you mackenzie's yahoo s/n soon, sorry if i gave
it to you wrong, that was an accident. However, it works out well,
becuase it will give me a chance to find out more about her b4 u talk
to her. Im not sure if ill tell you everything she tells me.. after
all, wheres the challange if you know her dreams? her weak spots? Its
like taking candy from a baby.

The game is made up of the quest..

Seek, Seduce, Subdue