2002-02-04 18:01:47 (UTC)

L33TN355 //!LL C0//5U//3 U5 4LL!!!!

Had a moment.

Gothie made me a mod in GLOMPyaoi. is kewl. I don't mind
the content 'cept the twincest... hopefully there won't be
much of that. Of course, knowing Gothie, she'll
specifically write one just to wierd me out. Twisted little
freak she is...

Pocky's taunting me. It's right next to my computer- and
we're not sposed to eat in class. Damn lack of self control.

"Bob and George" still has my attention. I think that's a
record. Usually I loose interest in things after a while.
Of course, it's full of oh so intersting people. I enjoy it.
Sad thing is I've never played any of the Mega-man games.
It's basically what the site's about. All my knowledge of
that series of games comes from discussions I've read in
the forum. Stop laughing at me.

Speaking of... I plan on drawing some of the ppl in there.
If I get bored enough that is. Pretty sure who I want to
start out with, then it'll depend on their opinion. If they
like it- I'll probably draw someone else too.

Fickle my mind is .. hmm?
there was no point to that whatsoever.

* txt graphics
* more to anime

that's enough for now. too much gives me a headache.