The lost little girl
2002-02-04 17:57:02 (UTC)

the weekend...

ok..so i'm sorry i haven't really writen a lot lately ...but
the past couple of days have been great.
Saturday night i stayed at jimmie's with kate and craig.I
know..i was all bitchy before about craig..but he told me
that he never said that and you know..i think i kinda
believe him after that conversation we had
about.."things"...anyway...we watched movies (The Crow 2;
city of angels , Human traffic, and monkey bone) and hung
out. it was trully a lot of fun.
sunday night..OMG ok...for all of you who don't know what i
mean when i say CHUNKY'S..i'll explain. CHUNKY'S is a Movie
Theater...and also a pub..so you sit at these table in these
comfy chairs ( donated by a car company) that are leather
and recline and have wheels to turn..and then a
waitress/waiter walks around taking everyone orders..so you
eat real food while watching your movie..however CHUNKY'S
did something great...CHUNKY'S showed the superbowl on one
of their screens...for the low low price of NOTHING...it was
the most amazing superbowl i have ever seen. and of course
you all know..the pats won. you know i'm not really a pats
fan...or a rams fan for that matter...but i'm actually glad
with the way the pats played last night...deffinately "edge
of your seat" kinda stuff.
well i gots to go..i have stuff to do around the
house..ttyl..love you-janie

daily quote:
" what are you doing?"-me
" bitching at it, it was giving me lip" - chad
"what's he doing?" - kevin
" he's...talking...to your ice scraper!!"- me