2002-02-04 17:28:56 (UTC)

First Entry

well dis is my first entry and i really dont know what to
say, things have been real crazy and hurtful in my life,
and sometimes its hard to put it into words. but thats why
i got mahself an online journal thing (i hate the word
diary lol), i type things better then when i actually come
out and say them.

i have a select few friends which of all whom love me to
pieces :) some of them i dont kno what id do without them.
seriously. well...theirs three, but yea its enuff to keep
me alive n kickin.

well im gonna sum my life up into a few paragraphs because
i dont really like getting into it. goes...when
i was little i didnt have many friends, and i guess you
could say i raised myself. i was always that kid in the
corner alone with her etch-a-sketch. that thing and this
lil bear i had were my life. i didnt have much patience
growing up, i was ADD (not that funny). i used to walk up
outta classrooms cause i was, not to sound conceited, but i
was smarter then all the kids. we'd be going over english
stuff and id be done within like the next 10 minutes. and
to this day im still like that. the teachers always say ive
made a lot of mistakes and stuff, butttt who's got the str8
A's in

i tend to have problems with my boyfriends because i grew
up being alone and i hated it and a couple years ago i had
a boyfriend whom was with me for like a year and a half,
and he broke up with me, and ever since then ive hated bein
alone, it terrifies me. and i just recently found this out,
and im trying to get out of that habit.

but that's just a few of the things about me, ill get more
into detail another time.