Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-04-24 07:39:37 (UTC)

To be ,or not to be.....


Well things aren't getting any easier between choosing. I
spoke to one of the lads friends who convinced me to tell
the lad about the other guy...ok is this getting too
confusing, let me give them names # and *. Now, *'s friend
told me to tell * about # so I did. He was saying choose
me blah blah blah, coz he really likes me etc, but in the
end he said it was up to me. It made me feel better
getting it off my chest and not keeping # a secret, but
still didn't help my decision. So I told # about 8 and he
was saying pick him!!
Anyway, after stressing about the whole thing for ages, I
realised I hardly knew either of them, and so for that
reason, I should get to know them both before I can coose.
Then I'll be able to see who I click with etc. God life can
be hard sometimes. I really don't want to hurt either of