My Life
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2002-02-04 14:33:51 (UTC)

he kissed me

I did a long entry last night and then i lost it somehow and
couldn't get it back. So i'll try again.

Sat. i had to work in the a.m. so i couldn't sleep in, then
i got busy at home and did my weekly chores. The good news
there is i felt like i didn't have to do so much and i was
happy with how the house looked. Then i rewarded myself by
going to the store so i could make a drinkypoo, and I rented
3 movies and I spent a wonderful evening home by myself and
watching 2 of the 3 movies.

Sun. i slept in and then we had Alpha early at noon because
of the Super Bowl so I went to my cousins so we could drive
together. When I got out of the car, i hit a patch of ice
and fell pretty good. Fell on my knee and hip and elbow i
think, i was almost instantly sore.

Had a really cool thing happen while at Alpha. There is a
guy that i met who we are not dating but have remained
friends. And about 2 months ago i saw him online and he was
really having a hard time, with life. So all i could do was
tell him i was there if he wanted to talk and we did talk
for quite awhile. He really was asking for help so i told
him about Alpha and he was really interested so i gave him
the info for the next class. Well, it's the 3rd or 4th week
and i hadn't seen him, there's over 500 people in this
class, and yesterday i volunteered to collect the money in
the lunch line and who is there------Dan! I was so happy to
see him. And i told him so, we hugged and i told him how
happy i was to see him and he said, "Well, it's because of
you" and he seemed so happy. I was just so thrilled that he
made the effort to be there and I hope the Holy Spirit helps

I had my second date with Chris and it was wonderful. The
mexican restaurant was closed, i guess they close on Sundays
so we went somewhere else, had a nice dinner and then we
went to see the Mothman Prophecies and it was good except
that about 20 minutes into it, the movie stopped. Then they
got it going again. Then at the end, there was maybe 20-30
minutes left, the movie stopped again and the emergency
lights went on. The whole mall lost power and we had to
leave. We got a voucher and left.

Chris took my hand while we were waiting for the movie to
start and that was nice, it felt good and then when the
movie stopped the first time he kissed me! Then the second
time he kissed me again, this time a more passionate kiss
and it was really sweet. I like him a lot. I like him so
much I invited him to dinner this Wednesday! He's going
ice-fishing this coming weekend with his cousins so I wanted
to see him before he left. It was funny because i was online
sending him a thank you for the night, and there he was and
i was about to invite him over, and he im'd me and said what
a great time he had and then HE asked me if I wanted to come
over for dinner! I told him he beat me to it but we decided
he'd come over to my place first. So now I'm nervous and
thinking, what should I make, chicken or filet mignon? My
homemade fettucine or store bought with my homemade alfredo
sauce? He said he'll like anything I make and he said he'd
bring the wine! I can't wait.

Didn't see Terry Sat. night because i didn't want to and
because he didn't ask me after all to join him and his
friend when they went out for a drink. He asked me Sat.
night what i was doing after Alpha, i kind of fibbed and
told him i had plans with my cousin, i should have just told
him i had plans but it wouldn't have mattered, he may have
questioned it but he wouldn't actually ask me. Then he
called twice last night when i was gone, i talked to him
late, he asked, "so you went out with Julie, huh?" and i
said, ya, but he didn't pursue it. We were talking about his
roommate and he said something about how he wasn't very
open, he has to pry info from him, and i said, "That's why
you get along so well" and he's like, "OK, whatever." and
then he was really surprised that I thought he was the same
way, not very open. How could he not have a clue?

Have to go.