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2002-02-04 11:43:50 (UTC)

addicted to sex

is there such thing as being addicted to sex? i am
starting to wonder if i am... i just can't stop thinking
about sex today! what is wrong with me? what will happen
when i get to Australia?

i will be seeing Ken again on the 16th of this
month. we will be going to this club called Viva, which my
girl friends & i love to frequent.we will be staying at my
old place & nobody will be at home, except us. i really
can't imagine what will happen that night. let's hope that
we don't get too tired from all the dancing & booze. oh my
God, am i really looking forward to this?

sometimes i really wonder how things would be like
if i am still a virgin now. well, you can't get addicted
to something you haven't tried before right? but i think
if i am a virgin now, i will be missing one of the best
things in life!

someone told me that he would rather wait for his
wedding night to have sex. i was suprised, especially when
it came from a guy! well, maybe when he finally does have
sex, he will have no regrets. then, he'll be making love &
not have sex only. let's hope that he'll keep his promise.
i think he knows who he is....=)