Jason Partyka

Diary of Jason Partyka
2002-02-04 07:05:25 (UTC)

A Personal Moral Code for Me

I think all people, at one point or another in their life
(or throught thier life for that matter) attempt to come up
with moral code to follow. Some people identify with
groups, or ideologies. They're Christian, Jewish, Muslim,
Hindu, Buddhist. They're Liberal, Conservative, Radical or
Moderate. Some people feel that human beings can never
truly know what is best, so they put thier faith in a
system of beliefs with guidlines and/or rules. Some people
feel that in their heart they know what is good, and to do
what brings about the most good, and the least harm is the
moral code to follow.

I identify myself as a Christian. I have since I was very
young, and I will until the day I go Home. However there
are a number of Christian doctines that I don't agree with.
Sometimes, the ones I do agree with I find difficult, if
not impossible to keep. However, I can always finde solice
in the fact that God has, and will always forgive me for
the things I do wrong.

However, I still find myself wanting to do better. I have
decided to create my own moral code, based on my Christian
principles, and what I feel is the greatest good. A mixed
deontologist (sp?) if you will.

I've toyed with this system of Ethics for quite a time, and
friends of mine (esspecially from college) will recognize
it. I break up behaviors into four categories.
Compassionate (nice) Cruel (mean) Good and Evil. Any
behavior can has two of these characteristics. The 4
combinations are Nice Good, Mean Good, Nice Evil, or Mean

I think a lot of problems today stem from using the labels
good and evil. Recently President Bush has been labeling
individuals, groups and countries as Evil. The trouble with
Good and Evil is there is really no universal set of
behaviors that people apply to each. Sometimes, the same
behaviors can be both good or evil depending on the
circumstances. For example, prosecution of Osama bin Laden
(self-defense aside) Justice or Vengence? Justice is good,
but Vengence is often regarded as Evil. (Please bear with
me with my vocabulary. Vengence is also considered good,
final Vengence being the Lord's and all, but there are only
so many words I know to illustrate my points).

I want to come up with 10 traits of each of my 4 Ethical
Pillars, such as they are. Tonight, I want to start off
with the easiest of behaviors, Cruel Evil. Cruel Evil are
those behaviors that are pretty much universally
considered "Bad." Things like rape and murder and such.
Below, are the 10 things commonly done that are Cruel Evil
and the rules that we should follow considering them.

1. Murder being the ending of another persons life for the
means of pleasure or personal gain (other than the defense
of ones own life) is cruel & evil and is forbidden. Life on
the Earth is our opportunity to grow as beings and is one
of our most precious gifts.

2. Phyical Violence, meaning any activity which causes
damage to another person's body or any activity which
invokes a pain response is cruel & evil and is forbidden.

3. Emotional Abuse, meaning any activity which which is
meant to invoke feelings of terror, fear, self-loathing,
shame and guilt for the benefit of the Abuser and with
little or no benefit to the Abused is cruel and evil.

4. Sexual Coercion, meaning any activity which through
physical or mental manipulation causes a person to engage
in conduct that is sexually pleasing to the coercer.
Physical manipulation includes rape and molestation. Mental
manipulation includes using sexual activity as a
requirement for love, friendship, esteem, regard and self-
preservation. Sexual activity can include, and is not
limited to intercourse, oral sex, digital sex, heavy
petting, necking and kissing, dancing and hugging. Please
note that some of these activites can be done in a non-
sexual manner (such as kissing, dancing and hugging).

5. Theft, meaning the taking of anothers, earnings
possessions, land, property, identity, etc. without that
persons permisson for sole benefit of the individual who is
taking it is cruel & evil and forbidden. Please note this
does not include Taxes.

6. Slander, being the degredation of a persons value in the
eyes of another for no reason other than the gain of the
slanderer is cruel & evil and is forbidden.

7. Falsehood, being the giving of untrue information to
hide and deceive another person for the benefit of lier is
cruel & evil and forbidden. People do have the right to
privacy and may exercise that right at any time. Invoking
the right to privacy is not an admission to guilt, nor can
it be used to imply guilt. (Ex. If he didn't do anything
wrong then why isn't he saying anything?).

8. Discrimination, being treating another person with less
regard and without fairness because of a trait, then you
would another person, when all other circumstances are
equal is cruel & evil and forbidden. This includes,
Prejudice based on Race, Sex, Gender, Religon, Group
Membership, Sexual Orientation, Social or Economic
Standing, Politcal bent, or Nationality.

O.k. So I can only come up with 8. Still not bad huh. I'll
post some of my other Pillars later.