Nick's Journal
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2002-02-04 06:48:10 (UTC)

Killing and why we should do it (some of the times)

now i know i hardly ever complain but here it goes.
ducks. yeah thats right. cocky mother fuckers. standing
aroudn the god damn pond like they fucking own it. shit,
i was walking along the path just the other day and one of
them tripped me up. i heard it laugh. and i don't take
that shit, so i turned on it like oprah winfrey turns on a
plate of helpless spare ribs. that duck can call me bus
driver cos i took that mother fucker to school. i grabbed
it by it's elongated white neck and punched it in its
feathery stomach. put it in a sleeper hold and stuck it's
head under water, just about then the fucking PETA society
came by on their daily 3:30 "we appreciate our fellowship
of ducks" tour, so needless to say there were more
corpses. hey sure takl bout helping animals i dont'
care. dont' kill them for food. it's mean to hunt. it's
not right to microwave kittens for your own personal
amusement. hell, i like the onion article bout ted nugent
and how he has a new type of cologne and how he it should
be tested on every animal they can get their hands on.
spray it in their eyes, and then when you run out of
cologne just punch those mother fuckers.
you don't like the way circus people treat the elephants?
then don't go. hey i know! pick up a sign and walk
around protesting it! cos everyone gives a flying fuck!
you know you're just a retard that doesn't grasp how fun
torture is, i mean shit, do you think we'd do something
like that to our fellow humans if it weren't fun as a
death penalty? i'm all for it. shit, lets fit two or
three people in the chair. the more death and carnage the
better. i'm not desensitized by violence, i'm
desensitized by you dumb fucks that protest everything.
protest this, protest that. i have my opinion whaaaaa,
whaaaaa, don't kill humans, it's so mean. the innocents.
the innocents? your'e the same dumbshits that write in to
the collegiate times and bitch about how the AL QAEDA
detainees are being treated unfairly because they don't
have cushiony toilet paper. HEY! WAKE THE FUCK UP! so
many people died screaming, mangled, in the horrible
destruction of a landmark. fire fighters courageous as
ever died to help them. go ahead give me the bullshit, it
won't help if we kill someone, it doesn't deter crime.
bullshit. hey how many terrorists are coming out of
afghanistan now? not too damn many.
how many al qaeda members are scheming? not nearly as
many as there were before. and now it's not as easy.
they know we're after them. fuck them. shoot them, shoot
their families, and shoot someone that happens to be
standing around there watching the sky. let's make planes
just so that we can fly them into random landmarks in
iraq. whoooooooooops, who us? hell no. nawh we're
honorable. we don't do that shit, we just bomb the living
christ out of countries, that'll teach them to be
that's right. oh and i like puppies. i really like
puppies. they're sooooooo cute. cuuuuuuuute. sigh,
puppies. kittens are cool too, but it's the way a puppy
looks at you. the puppy has this look like. what the fuck
is going on? i have no idea! hehe, it just kinda looks
at you like it just took a bong hit and doesn't remember
whether it's a male or female. it's the innocents of
little animals like that that make my life worth living,
not the cocky ass, swanky, bullshitting way a duck looks
at you.