Nick's Journal
2002-02-04 06:34:12 (UTC)

Taco Bell

Yeah that's right. It fucking rocks. As Joe said "Taco
Bell is the only thing someone can say to make me WANT to
eat." Sure most people hate it. Most people say that
it's Satan's franchise. They think that it's not
really "meat", they think that the burritos aren't
really "cooked", and that one coudl just as easily replace
the refried beans with "feces" and i "couldn't tell the
difference", but hell, i like it. Now what i don't like
are downsies. specifically i don't like downsies that are
taking my order. you see, i am a customer and i like to
bitch. i like to think that if i'm going to drop 7 bucks
i might as well be treated like a king. so here's the
convo between me and the "employee" there:
Emp : What would you like?
Me : Steak stuft burrito no beans, beef meximelt, and a
double decker taco.
Emp : Ok that'll be 3.10.
Me : ummmmmmm, did you get the beef meximelt?
Emp : oh you want a beef meximelt?
Me : yeah, and a double decker taco
Emp : so just a double decker taco and a beef meximelt?
(at this point i thought i was talking to a mildly
retarded manatee)
Me : uh, and the steak stuft burrito
Emp : oh yeah.
Me : no beans.
Emp : no beans?
Me : in the steak stuft burrito
Emp : it comes with beans
Me : yes i know that, i don't want them.
Emp : ok, so a steak stuft burrito NO beans, and a beef
Me : and a double decker taco
Emp : you want that too? damn you're hungry!
Me : .......................
Emp : so that will be 8.35
Me : for a steak stuft burrito no beans, beef meximelt,
and double decker taco?
Emp : yeah you wanted the combo right?
so as you can see it was quite an arduous task just
getting my god damned food. but it's ok, cos dave and mark
had to wait 40 mins for one of those dumb ass pizzones.
i'm sorry but that commercial is's a sandwhich
and a pizza? big fucking deal. who was the mastermind
that came up with that ingenious design? hey we got
diseases! wars! famine! poverty! we're designing god
damned pizza sandwhiches? you dumb fucks! jesus h.
christ! atleast you're not spending large sums of money
to advertise............
maybe i'm just bitter that i didn't get a bite, but still,
get a fucking grip. the patriots won the super bowl, so
we all know that there is a god.