F**KED up life
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2001-04-24 06:10:53 (UTC)

wow..didnt know that about her

i just got done talking to staci. and its like 11:00. and
she was telling me that she has and is thinking about sex
and bla bla. yah of coures ever guys wants to. and yah that
includes me. but i dont want to do, im still got
that little kid kinda mind...and her regret it and taht
would just suck for me. and i really dont plan on it like
any time soon. and hope she dosent. well..... i dont know.
but i did tell her that it dose feel weird for me to make
the fisr move. cause she is younger, not really but in my
head there is a hudge difference from 8th to 9th grade. not
age wise. just the way you think about people and the way
you see other and stuff. and its just seems weird to me.
have no clue why. but i finally know a little more about
her. the more the better. especailly if the rest is like
this. but its prolly not. i love her and all and really
care about her and just dont know if i should go for it or
not. or just not allt he way. this is good but bad in a way
too. i always knew she had a nasty mind, and i always told
her to put it to use. and she finaly has. lol.ok well i've
ran out of stuff...

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